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About Parent Resources

As a parent, your goal is to provide the best opportunities for your child for them to grow and find the best employment opportunities. Experiential learning achieves this goal, through providing your child with hands on learning opportunities that help them gain the right set of skills, knowledge, and experiences to prepare for the future workforce, and engage your child in their education. This guide aims to navigate you into helping your child make the best decisions for their education and career, and answering all your questions on experiential learning including topics such as the types of opportunities, benefits for your child, early experiential learning, and a parent’s role.


A Parent's Guide to Experiential Learning

The Parents’ Package helps to educate parents on what experiential learning is, its importance, the role parents’ play. This package will also help show parents how they can work to support their child’s educational and career development from kindergarten all the way to post-secondary.

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